42nd Street

We joined forces with a local developer to expand the living space of this non-descript, two-story brick home in DC’s traditional Chevy Chase neighborhood. With a modern, rear, vertical addition, and a butterfly roof, we grew the house to include five beds and four and a half baths, while helping it achieve a more prominent visual position in the community.

Infusing the home with an abundance of welcoming natural light was a priority, achieved in spades by high ceilings and a plethora of large glass panels. Clean white surfaces further serve to amplify the light, and are punctuated with solo walls of dark wood, wood accents, and original white-painted brick face, providing a modern air that retains a comforting warmth.

The subtle play of dark window frames, beams, light fixtures, and handles create whimsical interest within neutral-toned rooms. Light is allowed further movement in the bathrooms by way of glass floor-to-ceiling walls. Beautiful wood floors throughout the living spaces ground the home, and, combined with the multiple vistas, keep the home in conversation with the natural world.

Further engaging the living space with the exterior, a screened-in porch extends from the side of the home, and the rear of the house holds the kitchen that opens to an outdoor deck, a patio, and the garden.

Wood siding wraps around the third-floor addition and drapes down over the existing brick, effectively blending innovation and origins. Topping the home with an upper-level roof deck amplifies the luxury of the master suite that makes up the entire floor – the cherry on the top of what is a truly a spectacular urban living experience.