Brightwood Garden Apartments

For decades, garden apartments have been providing modest-sized living to the residents of our nation’s capital and its surrounding areas. Many of these structures were built during, or just after, WWII to provide housing for returning veterans and a growing population. When we embarked on our relationship with this building, we were most concerned with expanding the property without changing its footprint – reimagining the interior while maintaining its curb appeal.


Clean, simple lines and integrated lighting provide the homes with a spacious feeling while enhancing natural light from the new windows and skylights. Further adding to the brightness are white cabinets and modern appliances, while a subtle contrast in wall color creates interest.

While the floor plans vary between the building’s two levels, all units have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with the master bedrooms being en suite with walk-in closets. Perhaps the star of the show – and providing a unifying flow – is the beautiful wood floor. The random patterns, warm texture, and colors of the wide wood planks speak to the past, while imbuing city living with a touch of country warmth.