Café Verde

Got some shipping containers hanging about? Why not open a café? Inspired by the burgeoning tiny-house trend, shipping containers are a cost-effective, ecologically sound way of creating a variety of structures, both residential and commercial. The client’s dream in this case was a café and lounge – and we were happy to join in the game.

Working from the top down, a butterfly roof adds variety while highlighting an inviting entrance and delineating the structure as more than just a collection of large metal boxes. The raised nature of the new roof allows for more natural light to flow through to the center of the structure, and its green living surface softens the metal edges, and extends the ecological theme.

Large, glass panels further serve as light-giving walls while inviting the exterior world in, and the containers’ original swinging doors remain open throughout the day to welcome patrons while finding new life as café signage. Just a few new openings and a little imagination transforms these utilitarian tools into a center for social activity.