Carderock Springs

Bringing your work home is more pleasant when you work from a comfortable home office – especially when that home office is perched above your classic American car nicely ensconced in its new nest. These were the desires of the homeowners who were eager to expand their classic mid-century modern home.

To satisfy the project’s priorities, we built a side addition that houses a study and walk-in closet comfortably perched over a second garage bay. The high ceilings and ample glass panels set into the office walls contribute to an airy, peaceful place for contemplation while maintaining a connection with the inspiring natural surroundings. A double glass door opens to a balcony, strengthening the link between interior and exterior. The colorful accents in the study echo the exterior detailing of the original home, which are also reflected in the exterior wood-slat screen.

Finishing off the addition is the new garage that houses the family’s classic car, and has both front and rear entrances. It was important that the exterior visual aspect of the addition be seamless and consistent with the original ‘60s-era home while fitting in with the beautifully landscaped and wooded setting — mission accomplished!