I Street Offices

We were tasked with the complete transformation of a dark, disjointed office space to welcome a Seattle-based public affairs firm establishing roots in the nation’s capital. As Seattle is famous for its rain, the client’s desire for abundant light was no surprise. Accordingly, we maximized the use of glass, while retaining warmth by way of wood.

Faced with a dark and disjointed space, we opted to open the offices to light by providing extended views to the exterior. We achieved this by replacing solid interior walls with glass wherever feasible. Upon entering, visitors are welcomed by a bright, airy atmosphere accented by walnut paneling and clean, modern lines.

Glass entrances to private offices and the conference area encourage natural light to reach the farthest most points of the interior space. Writable glass panels line the conference room, echoing the fenestration at the exterior perimeter, and functioning as modern, stylish work surfaces for meetings.

The walnut paneling of the reception room extends throughout the conference room, tying the space together and providing modern yet warm accents. The result is an office space that reflects the forward-thinking PR firm it houses – offering an energizing space to meet and work with local, national, and corporate clients.