Kennedy Street Condos

We are proud to be part of the revitalization of this storied DC roadway. With the starting point of an ordinary, painted brick structure built in 1930 comprising a barber shop, abandoned office space, and two residential apartments, we will emerge to contribute nine spacious, bright, modern condominiums.

With a variety of floor plans – including a pair of two-story penthouse units – this building will have offerings to satisfy a wide range of needs. To obtain this variety and floor space, we built upward with three additional floors and added balconies.

Large glass panels and corner windows will enhance the spacious feeling of the units, while allowing natural daylight to join with the light emitting from avariety of electric light sources. Modern lines, high-end amenities, and painted-steel staircases finish the spaces with an elegant, luxurious touch.

The original first-floor brick face will be cleaned, repointed, and repainted to infuse it with new life, and we’ll clad the additional floors in complimentary, cost-effective materials – including corrugated metal skin combined with T-111 wood siding. Serving as a nodal point in the neighborhood, this exciting assortment of units will provide the perfect urban living experience.