Law Offices of DRB

Making a statement was important for DRB, a DC-based law practice that focuses on the built environment. With that in mind, we knew that a wood theme would not only provide the warm, welcoming atmosphere the client wanted, but also place the values of the practice front and center.

The use of wood in the reception desk immediately brings warmth to the room as a visitor is greeted with a taste of the natural world. The desk is accented by a modern wood chandelier, and the room’s inviting environment is enhanced further by integrated lighting, linear and integrated supply grills, and a floating ceiling.

Warmth, texture, and depth are further carried through the firm’s space by wide floor-to-ceiling wood frames that highlight the reception and the adjoining conference room. The large glass panels add spaciousness to the office, while embellishing the atmosphere with a feeling of activity, brightness, and transparency.