Modern Addition in AU Park

This colonial brick home in the American University Park neighborhood is owned by architects with a preference for modern design. They wanted to add a large kitchen and living area to the first floor and a master suite to the second floor, while clearly demarcating the new and old aspects. We were able to achieve the desired effect by way of a new structure that melds different yet complementary materials. It’s an expansive space where the owners enjoy both the modern and regal aspects of their new home.

The existing home was a traditional, colonial brick box commonly found in DC. Since the modern addition stepped down from the existing house, the first floor could feature high ceilings. Combined with a large, folding glass door, this previously dark and cramped space now feels bright, airy, and spacious.

To blur the lines between the indoor and outdoor environments, we opened most of the back wall, creating a segue to the rear yard and deck. When stepping through this setting, you can feel the expansiveness of the space and the connection with the natural surroundings.

Reflecting the owners’ desires, the different volumes maintain their own design aesthetic and sit side by side in harmony with each other.