Modern on Butterworth

Nothing short of complete and total transformation was the mission when we took this project under our wing. First order of business was to envision and enact an expansion of this drab, dark, single-story structure so that it could comfortably accommodate not only a family of four, but multiple generations of that family.

Building up and out gave rise to five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and shared living space that converted this stolid structure into an optimistic spacious place to share the adventures of family life. Furthermore, to increase positive energy in the home, the overall layout and rooms were influenced by Vastu Shastra, the traditional Hindu principles of architecture.

Guided by a desire for modern design, we infused the interior space with clean lines, elegant wood elements, and multiple natural light sources. A second-floor balcony extending out from the master bedroom encourages inhabitants to open the home to the natural world, while the multiple windows help maintain a connection between the interior sanctuary and the tree-filled surroundings.

The inviting atmosphere and abundance of light generate a level of ease and comfort that creates a perfect space for entertaining guests, too. And the colorful exterior accents coupled with wood façade beckons visitors and inhabitants alike to enter this home and enjoy its offerings.