Pacific Row

We welcomed the adventure of transforming a single-family, historic row dwelling into five luxury condominiums in the beautiful DuPont Circle neighborhood. Balancing the need for modification while adhering to principals inherent to historic restoration, the complete renovation was extended through the interior with a modern and bright design update.

While the designs of the five condominiums vary, all of the spaces offer light, open plans that are simultaneously comforting and welcoming and offer clean, modern lines and angles. Integrated lighting throughout is enhanced by pendants that provide subtle accents.

Modern appliances and cabinets are complimented by wood flooring that runs through the homes – and original brick wall faces punctuate the space, anchoring the place in its history. Floor-to-ceiling glass paneling separates the upper unit’s residence from the staircase that leads to the dwelling’s private roof deck.

En suite master bedrooms with generous walk-in closets enjoy large swaths of glass that look out onto a shared garden/yard space. And in all but one case, the bedrooms open up to balconies or the patio space by way of glass-paneled doors. The result is a collection of private, modern homes that maintain strong connections to the outside world and the stories of this neighborhood’s rich past.