Silverman Residence

Sometimes just a few delicate touches here and there is all the client wants. In the case of this residence, the owners were looking for a subtle facelift to highlight the front courtyard and make homecoming a more pleasant experience.

To amplify the front courtyard and help it emerge from the encroaching shadows of the side wings, we added a simple, elegant structure that projects slightly beyond the front of the residence and clearly delineates the home’s entrance. Made of wood and steel, the supporting columns tip in alternating directions, echoing the branches of the small tree that anchors the courtyard and adding a touch of whimsy.

We replaced the original front door material with glass to accentuate the delicacy of the entrance canopy, while nodding to the home’s modern interior and intricate artwork. The entrance canopy and master bathroom enhancements are actually an outward reflection of what the interior holds.