The Kozo

We were delighted to undertake the design of a new, luxury condominium building located in DC just steps from Meridian Hill Park. This collection of eight units is fronted by an interplay of balconies and voids that draw interest and engagement – as well as establish a fresh point of design.

Clean, modern lines maximize the interior spaces, while large expanses of glass provide an abundance of natural light and views from the living areas. Bedrooms face onto an inner courtyard that offers a private, tranquil green space, and roof decks offer majestic views of the surrounding cityscape.

With their black metal and cumaru wood frames, the street-side balconies stand out against the white painted brick facade. The balconies’ square geometries are further highlighted by integral rope lights, adding additional interest after nightfall. The cumulative effect is a well-balanced combination of exterior and interior livability, creating a modern, comforting home in a bustling urban environment.